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Demonstrate Marketing’s Contribution within the Enterprise

Impending deadlines with highly visible implications are the way of life inside today’s Enterprise marketing department. The CMO is under pressure from the CEO to demonstrate marketing’s true contribution to the business in terms of hard sales measurements instead of feel-good awareness, clicks, or likes.  Budgets are intensely scrutinized for maximum ROI while marketing is being asked to do more with less.  To compound things even further, today’s savvy target audiences, empowered by mobile devices with ubiquitous internet access, are tuning out yesterday’s traditional marketing approaches and tactics.

Market Rhythm has helped marketing organizations of some of the largest enterprise companies pass the Red Faced Test with their CEOs with marketing initiatives that are engaging, creative, and most importantly measurable in terms that executives care about and understand: Sales

We blend together our vast enterprise experience of actually running global marketing organizations for some of the largest Fortune 100 companies along with a passion and method for starting everything we do with a deep understanding of the customer.  We balance this Enterprise IQ with award-winning creative content that engages, educates, and propels customers to purchase.  And because we understand well that measurement matters in the enterprise, everything we do is monitored via performance dashboards to ensure timely and accurate results reporting that helps you demonstrate marketing’s effectiveness and bottom-line contribution to the business.

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