Great Tool for Hiring the Perfect Chief Content Officer

If you’ve been following our 3-Part Insight Series, by now you’ve identified content needs within your organization where a Chief Content Officer (CCO) can add value.  You’ve also learned what skills & attributes make for a top notch CCO.  Now, in our final post in this series, we introduce a special tool to make hiring the perfect candidate a bit easier.


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Great Tool for Hiring the Perfect Chief Content Officer

It’s time to hire your super star Chief Content Officer!  The job requisition has been approved, compensation budgets are in place, and now HR or your external recruiter is asking you for a Job Description.  We know you’re a busy person with a lot on your plate, so the team at Market Rhythm has created a Job Description that you can download below to help you along on your quest for the perfect Chief Content Officer.  We’ve incorporated into this Job Description many of the key skills, background, and experiences that we’ve covered over the course of this Blog Series and which we believe will lead you and your organization to creatively enhancing one of your company’s most valuable and revenue-generating assets: Compelling, helpful, and actionable Content!


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