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The Challenge

Seneca is a leading custom computer manufacturer and value-added distributor which fights amongst major global brands for customers, product differentiation, and the need for streamlined operations to protect and grow margins.  Seneca had become reactive to both customer demands and competitive threats and needed a marketing approach that could squarely place the customer back at the center of their content and messaging while improving relevancy and speed in responding to customer needs.

What We Did

The Creative Idea:

Using Customer Insights to define the target audience and illuminate what they considered valuable, a key requirement was brought to light: Seneca’s target customers were far more fluid and comfortable with social media and wanted to interact with the company to solve issues in the field.  A content strategy was deployed to establish Seneca’s social media presence with rich features that allowed users to pose questions and open support tickets.


The Content Strategy:

  • Customer Insights used for interviews and surveys to define attitudes, expectations, & needs
  • Corporate website re-designed for continuity across business groups & product portfolios
  • Social media accounts established with scheduled and regular content updates
  • Twitter account tuned to allow customers to open customer support tickets & pose questions
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) used to enhance both organic & pay-per-click results


  • Increased lead generation from improved website & social media traffic
  • Increase in percentage of sales originating via social media
  • Reduced operational Call Center support volumes

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