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The Challenge

Samsung Electronics is the largest maker of memory devices in the world.  But there was a huge problem… Consumers didn’t understand nor value the role that memory devices played in their daily lives.  Samsung had the unenviable marketing task on the one hand of educating consumers about an entire class of unknown products while at the same time establishing a leadership position for themselves in the minds of a target audience who had never bothered to care what kind of memory was inside their devices.

What We Did

The Creative Idea

A serial viral YouTube video campaign was developed that recognized common customer pain points when using digital devices and created human characters that represented and vilified these well-understood frustrations.  Each “Conspirator” brought their wrath upon the unsuspecting, whether it be Battery Brutus, Loading Ball Larry, or Fiona Freeze.  In the end, only one superpower could be counted on to stop these evil doers… Samsung Memory!

The Content Strategy:

  • Sequentially released viral YouTube videos for each of the 3 Conspirators with links back to landing pages
  • Smaller trailers were used as teasers to build excitement for longer running features
  • Facebook profiles & Twitter accounts were established for each of the 3 characters to encourage social media interaction
  • Website and landing pages were created to provide education and demos on how Samsung Memory was differentiated in the market & solved device pain points
  • In-store retail end-caps displayed Conspirator character images, videos, and where to buy information


  • 24% revenue growth and the largest unit sales volume for Samsung Solid State Memory in its history
  • 3 Million views on YouTube across 3 character videos
  • 15% rise in brand awareness metrics for Samsung Memory
  • 72% increase in unique visits to corporate website
  • Social listening dashboards registered enhanced favorable ratings for Samsung

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